Customer need to submit a valid prescription for the order.  CCM will forward the prescription to licensed pharmacies/suppliers in India for fulfillment.  And the dispensed medicines will be shipped to you directly by the pharmacies.

Requirements for Prescription,

  1. We accept Prescription for both Branded name and Generics name. For example, Iressa 250mg/30 Tablets or Gefitinib 250mg/30 Tablets, either one is accepted.
  2. We accept Prescription in their native languages. And CCM provides FREE Translation to English before forwarding to licensed pharmacies for dispensing.


Prescription Service – (For Hepatitis C ONLY)

  1. For customers ordering HCV generics without a valid prescription, CCM can facilitate the prescription service with our partners in India through internet.
  2. Our partners are reputable hospitals in India, such as Apollo Hospital, Medanta Hospital
  3. Before ordering the prescription service, customers need to provide detailed diagnostic reports from their local hospital


Please contact our customer service for help if you have any questions.

Prescription Service

Prescription Service for HCV Customers


  • CNY: ¥708.75


We partner with reputable hospitals in India, to provide long distance Prescription Services for Hepatitis C customers



STEP1: PURCHASE the prescription service

STEP2: SEND your test reports to CCM

STEP3: CCM make an appointment with the hospital, and inform you on the schedule & instructions

STEP4: On the appointment date/time, 3-party video conference (Indian Doctor, CCM customer service, and you) will be carried out. And prescription will be issued by Doctor



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